Getting to Grips With Governance Guide (2nd edition)

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Essential Good Practice in Governance

Whatever the governing board of a community/voluntary/charitable organisation is called, it has a hugely significant part to play in the success of the organisation. 

It must ensure that the organisation is both effective and accountable and membership of such a board/committee is an important one and not to be taken on without an understanding of what is involved.

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What is the purpose of this guide?

The "Getting to Grips With Governance" guide is part of a range of good-practice guides produced by The Wheel in its Solid Foundations series and is designed to help members of a governing body by:

  • providing information about the functions that a governing body performs
  • assisting individuals to understand more about governing body roles and responsibilities and potential liabilities
  • encouraging the development and improvement of practice
  • signposting to other information and resources.


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