Reducing the Risk Good Practice Guide (2nd edition)

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Good Practice in Risk Management

Life is risky and community/voluntary/charitable organisations are not immune from risk. Risk cannot be avoided, but most types of risk can be anticipated and therefore planned for. By properly managing risk, the organisation can fulfil its potential and the negative effects of hazards can be reduced. If they have not already done so, the time is right now for organisations to put in place risk management strategies that suit their needs.

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Reducing the Risk is part of a range of training and guidance services provided by The Wheel. It follows on from our popular 2007 publication Solid Foundations: a resource guide for building strong and effective organisations in the community and voluntary sector. It is accompanied by a sister publication on governance entitled: Getting to Grips with Governance.

44 pages

What will this guide help your non-profit achieve?

Reducing the Risk has been designed to help organisations:

  • Recognise the importance of managing risk in a structured manner
  • Identify the kind of risks to which they are exposed
  • Take a logical step-by-step approach to risk management
  • Have access to a range of signposts to further information.


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