Fundraising on eBay Ireland

Virtually everyone who has used a computer in the last few years has at least heard of the online auction website, eBay. With over 200 million registered users worldwide, eBay also represents a useful – and most importantly, a cost effective way – of raising much-needed funds for your organisation or cause.

Well known Irish charities, including Barretstown, Debra Ireland, the Irish Heart Foundation the Irish Wheelchair Association, have already benefited from fundraising on You can read further details about these success stories here.

To find out more about eBay Ireland’s Charity Auction programme, please read their starter’s guide to fundraising on eBay.

EBay Ireland also lists the following handy tips on the best ways to run a Charity Auction:

  • Before running an auction, become familiar with eBay and how to sell. This can be done by visiting the Help and eBay Explained pages and exploring the marketplace.

  • Consider approaching a media partner. Generating awareness and publicity can contribute to the success of the campaign and maximise fundraising potential.

  • Leverage contacts, sponsors, supporters and any resources available to get hold of as many great items and experiences as possible. A single item can be enough for a successful campaign but multiple items can enhance the opportunity. These will form the foundation for the campaign.

  • In addition to the fundraising opportunity, charity campaigns are a fantastic and powerful vehicle for generating publicity and awareness for your charity, campaign or organisation. So ensure your marketing and PR efforts are firmly in place.

  • To maximise the opportunity, it's often best to have a range and variety of items to suit all budgets and tastes. For larger campaigns, it's advisable to a have series of special items and/or experiences to grab attention and compel people to visit the campaign.

  • See the following links for general information on eBay and how the marketplace works:

Further Information

For further enquires, you can contact eBay Ireland by emailing them at:


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