Fundingpoint for Councils

As anyone working for a County or Town Council will be well aware, local community and voluntary groups are currently in dire need of funding. Demand for the services that they provide is rising - and yet funding has been cut in so many areas.

Fundingpoint for Councils is a new service, developed to help alleviate the burden on local authorities to provide these groups with funding. By drawing on a vast and well-established body of funding research, Fundingpoint can provide local non-profit groups in your community with detailed information about viable alternative sources of funding to which they could apply.

Fundingpoint is endorsed by the Community, Social, Economic & Development (CSED) Committee.

Fundingpoint for Councils comes in two packages:

  1. Fundingpoint [Access]: this provides your Council with access to the full Fundingpoint database, so that you can conduct your own research into current funding opportunities.
  2. Fundingpoint Local [Access+]: this option provides you with the above direct database access (for Council employees only), but also delivers to you 6 issues of the FundingpointLocal Digest, which distills all of the current grant opportunities into a branded document that you can then make available on your website / send out to your database by email. In addition to this, your organisation will receive full membership of The Wheel (for one year), which includes a wide range of additional services and benefits at no additional cost - learn more here.

Both options include access to Fundingpoint Helpdesk, which provides funding advice and information to all local groups for free.

Please see the complete package descriptions below...

What is Fundingpoint?

Fundingpoint is Ireland's largest online database of funding information for charities, community groups, sports, cultural, arts and recreational organisations across Ireland. Containing comprehensive details for more than 840 grants, the aim of Fundingpoint is simple: to deliver essential updates and alerts about funding opportunities, deadlines and other supports to organisations that need them the most. 

How Fundingpoint Works

The Wheel employs a full-time researcher to research all of the grants and funding opportunities available to Irish non-profits and community groups. Organisations then apply for these grants, get funded, it is that simple. 

Who Is Behind Fundingpoint?

Fundingpoint is an initiative of The Wheel, a support and representative body for the Irish community and voluntary sector. The Wheel has always provided expert fundraising advice and training to hundreds of charities across Ireland every year and so was uniquely placed to develop and deliver the Fundingpoint service. 

But Why 'Fundingpoint for Councils'?

Every County and Town Council across the country is already engaged to some degree with local community and voluntary groups. So many of these groups are in search of funding for the services that they are trying to deliver - yet, obviously no Council is in a position to grant them all.

By signing your Council up for the Fundingpoint for Councils service (see package options below), you will be able to:

  • Provide these groups with direct access to alternative sources of funding,
  • Take the pressure off of the Council to deliver all of the funding needs for the community.

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What You Get:

  • Annual Subscription to the Fundingpoint database with full login details 
  • Your Local Authority can access the database at any time and find relevant funding information at the click of a button (this information can then be shared with networks and contacts - though login details must remain private)
  • Access to The Wheel’s funding helpdesk where the team will provide timely and expert fundraising advice and assistance to you via email or phone.


  • €400 per annum to all Local Authorities


  • Cheaper Option
  • Provides the Local Authority full access to the database for their own staff
  • A tried and tested service already being provided to 350+ organisation subscribers
  • This option is currently available
  • Allows Local authorities control what information they wish to provide to community groups.


  • Fundingpoint is only accessible by a subscriber login code so the database is not distributable without subscriber access thus limiting what community groups can access without  local authorities logging in and performing searches and sharing results on their behalf.
  • The newsletter is the standard newsletter that goes to all 333 current subscribers and will not be tailored to your local authority area
  • Funding deadlines in the newsletter require login to access further information. This will mean community groups again need to go through the local authority for access to further information.

What You Get:

  • Annual Subscription to the Fundingpoint database with full login details 
  • 6 issues of the FundingpointLocal Digest tailored to your local authority itemising what is of specific interest to sports, arts, cultural and community groups in your local authority area.
  • All information from behind the subscriber login page is extracted from the Fundingpoint database and included  in the digest so that it can be distributed to organisations locally and so that login details are not required
  • Grant data will include: grant summary, external links and associated deadlines
  • Access to The Wheel’s funding helpdesk where the team will provide timely and expert fundraising advice and assistance to all organisations in your local authority area via email or phone.
  • One annual free fundraising training seminar delivered by our expert in-house trainers to charities and community groups in your authority area either via webinar or in a suitable local venue if the economies of scale allow.
  • Associate membership of The Wheel (for one year), which includes a wide range of additional services and benefits at no additional cost - learn more here.


  • €650 (reduced from €950per annum to all Local Authorities
  • Download a sample digest here 


  • Designed to be distributed to all community groups locally
  • Information tailored to your local authority area
  • Includes all grants - both local and national, where available
  • All organisations get full access to the information in the digest (currently behind a login firewall for subscribers)
  • Local Authority can refer all queries directly to The Wheel’s Funding Helpdesk.


  • Greater cost factor.
  • The Wheel can build subscriber databases specific to local authority areas on request. Fees negotiated depending on requirements.

  • The Wheel’s expert in-house trainers can provide additional funding and fundraising training to relevant  local authority staff, charities and community groups either via webinar or in a suitable local venue. Typical ½ day rates are approx. €450 plus travel. 

  • Seminar topics can include: fundraising fundamentals, filling in grant applications, income diversification,  successful fundraising events, securing corporate donations among many others. 
Please contact Suzanne Mulvaney to discuss any of the above options: | (01) 454 8727.


Further Information

  • The Wheel is committed to continually improving the service to Local Authorities and recommends holding regular reviews, a minimum of twice annually, with representatives of the CSED so that feedback from Local Authorities can be fed into improving the service

  • The Wheel can (upon request) train all local authority staff on how to use the Fundingpoint service effectively

  • To maintain the integrity of the current Fundingpoint subscriber model and its existing subscribers please note that login subscriber details are exclusive to the subscribing organisation.

Next Steps

You can also contact Paul Meade on | (01) 454 8727 for additional information and details on Fundingpoint.


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