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Sankalpa Addiction Services
Sankalpa CLG is a community based Drugs Project working to empower people
Sankalpa CLG is a community based Drugs Project working to empower people to address their individual drug and alcohol issues, by providing low threshold access services, day stabilisation programmes and targeted training and employment placements for those in recovery. We work through advocacy and partnership, leading towards the development of both individual and social recovery. Referrals from Finglas and Cabra are given priority however we accept referrals from outside this catchment area. 
“That all presenting drug & alcohol issues can be individuallysupported.”
MISSION STATEMENT                
“To empower people to address their individual drug & alcohol issues,by providing low threshold access services, day stabilisation programmes  and targeted training and employment placements for those in recovery,through advocacy and partnership,leading towards the development of both individual and social recovery, in Finglas & Cabra.”
  •                 Respect &Dignity
  •                 Empowerment
  •                 Accountability &Transparency
  •                 Quality &  Improvement
Sankalpa offers three distinct programmes for service users
Access: provides one to one key-working, brief interventions and acts as the assessment route to our other programmes
Turning Point: a 9-12 month group based stabilisation programme for poly-drug addiction issues 
Connect: a  Department of Social Protection Community Employment Scheme specialising in  therapeutic community work placement. As part of our criteria all Connect participants must be stable and drug-free. 
Application details: 

We are currently looking for a number of people to fill vacant and upcoming Board positions becoming available as a result of our rotation policy.

How do I sign up?

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity for you or you know someone who might like to be considered please contact the Chairperson, Jennifer Clancy at jclancy@sankalpa.ie or by calling the Manager on 01 830 2690. We have included a one-page information sheet that will need to be completed.

The Board of Directors

In common with all organisations which are registered charities, all members of Sankalpa’s board do so in a voluntary capacity, and do not receive any remuneration for their services.

Sankalpa’s board comprises of up to twelve directors, elected from amongst the membership

We currently have a number vacancies on our full board membership, we would particularly like to recruit a possible Company Secretary but also have ordinary membership vacancies.

Board Member Responsibilities

The legal duties for board members of a company limited by guarantee are specified in Company Law. They are summarised as being:

  1. To act in the best interests of Sankalpa CLG
  2. To ensure the company is not run in a fraudulent or reckless manner.
  3. To ensure that Sankalpa complies with on-going legal and other requirements.

Sankalpa’s board conducts its work in compliance with the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary & Charitable Organisations. A Board Handbook and a Code of Conduct for Board members exist which outline in detail what the expectations of board members are. It is important to note the following requirements for all board members:

  • A commitment to the vision, mission and values of Sankalpa, and support for its ethos and values.
  • Attendance at all Board meetings: Approximately eight meetings per year including the AGM.
  • Possible participation on a sub-committee (current standing subcommittees are: 1) Staffing Subgroup and  2) Finance & Audit Subgroup. These subgroups have varying schedules but mostly  meet on the day of the Board meetings.
  • The term of office is three years.

Criteria for this Recruitment Process

For the board member recruitment process in 2018, and in consideration of the profile of the current board members, the following skill-sets and experiences have been prioritised by the board:

A person with Legal experience / Financial
/ Company Secretarial experience / Voluntary Sector or Addiction Experience.

In making its decision, the board will look for evidence of an existing passion, or preparedness to develop one, for the non-profit sector’s development; an ability to contribute to the cohesion of the board; and evidence of leadership in the candidate’s field of work.

Application Process

All expressions of interest should be notified to the Chair by submission of the one-page questionnaire at the bottom of this document . The relevant documents can be scanned and emailed if more convenient, send to jclancy@sankalpa.ie

All nominations forms will be reviewed by the board at its meeting, the output of that review will be a short list of potential candidates who will be asked to meet with the Manager and the Chair before a final decision is made.

The preferred candidate(s) will be offered a Board induction process with the Chairperson and/or the Manager In due course.

Closing date: 
31 Mar 2018
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